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LAUNCHPAD - the beginning of all careers

Campus recruitment training for all needs

Building the capability of students in the area of soft skills has been identified by many Indian organisations as critical to making students more employable.

The issue of so-called “soft” skills, such as attitude, critical thinking, problem-solving and dreaming, is a massive problem. A recent survey by Bryant & Stratton College suggested only 16% of 18 to 34 year olds see such skills as necessary for career advancement, but in fact, 93% of employers say soft skills are “weighed more heavily” when vetting job candidates — much more than a candidate’s academic credentials.

Many programs from technical courses to degrees and masters courses now include soft skills components, to ensure students are job ready on their first day of employment.

As the workforce in India becomes more global and overseas employers set up here it is critical that students are graduating their courses with higher levels of the following skills:

  • Communication Skills,
  • Interpersonal Skills,
  • Decision Making Skills, and
  • Lifelong Learning Skills.

There is often a “perception gap” between what workers believe they are capable of, and how employers view them. Being employable today comes from knowing how to communicate to employers that you have the intelligence quotient as well as the educational quotient.

Because of these reasons ARC India has developed LAUNCHPAD, a unique Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) Program, designed to give students the critical soft skills needed to help them achieve their career aspirations.

For information on Launchpad please contact us today.